Financial Literacy Education Empowers Young Adults

Financial Literacy Education Empowers Young Adults

Financial Literacy Education Empowers Young Adults Financial Literacy Education Empowers Young Adults

Financial success should be for all

Why Financial Literacy?

Every aspect of our adult lives: from paying bills, applying and managing credit, buying cars and homes, and investing for the future, all depend on a basic financial literacy

And yet, research shows that only about half of Americans understand concepts like  debt and the importance for saving for retirement.   

California is one of 5 states with no personal finance education standards for any grade level

The Need is Great

America's massive and expanding racial & gender financial literacy gap contributes to

growing economic inequalities.

 Low financial literacy is connected to negative credit behaviors, higher interest and delinquency rates and home foreclosure.

Financial Literacy Empowers

According to the P-Fin Index, the connection is clear: financial literacy leads to financial wellness

People with greater financial literacy are:

  • Better prepared to achieve short & long-term financial goals
  • Better able to handle unexpected expenses
  • Are less likely to be bound by debt and tend to make payments on time 
  • More likely to plan for & stay on track towards retirement goals 

Financial Literacy Workshops organized for your group of 12 or more


group of college students sitting around in discussion

Financial Literacy Curriculum

There is much to know about the financial part of our lives. We often must learn as we go, making painful mistakes along the way. 

Beyond the specifics of budgeting or how credit works, a large part of financial wellness is about self-control, discipline and trade-offs; about delayed gratification and the ability to think long-term. 

Topics include:

Wants vs. Needs

Financial Goal-Setting & Planning

Delayed Gratification & Self-Control

Income & Taxes

Budgeting & Expenses


Unexpected Life Events

Credit & Debt

Insurance & Risk

Being a Critical Consumer 


The Magic of Compounding

Introduction to Investing

Financial Self-Sufficiency

National Financial Literacy Month

April is National Financial Literacy Month

There's no better time than spring for a month of information & action devoted to family-focused financial wellness.